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I’m delighted to tell you we expect to be back on the track in early April. It has been a very frustrating time for us all & it is much appreciated that you have continued to pay your club membership which is being taken into account when deciding the fees for 2021/22.


The annual charge for Club membership for track users would normally be £144 but we have reduced this to £108 which can be paid at £9 per month by direct debit. This includes the England Athletics affiliation of £15 as well as free use of the track during our sessions. If any of you have cancelled your monthly direct debit during the winter lockdown, you will have to pay the Club joining fee of £20 to gain the benefit of the discounted fees. The senior non track/students track fees have been reduced to £38 pa.


Providing your instructions on our web page below includes renewal, these payments will automatically commence on the 1st April so there is no action to take. The system for payments will remain the same so if you paid in one amount (£70) in 2020 you will be debited £108 or £38 for non-track users on 1st April or later. Monthly direct debits of £9 will commence on 1st April.


If you have any problems please phone Rob Davies on 07939 978504 or email our membership secretary Becky Freeman.


It will be great to see you all back training but I must remind you that we all must continue to abide by the covid requirements to including maintaining 2 metres between you & refraining from touching anything unnecessarily. The same group zones will apply & please do not walk along lane 4 which must be kept clear unless briefly crossing. You may be in certain ‘bubbles’ at school/college but these do not apply during our training & I ask you to do all you can to help keep everyone safe so we can continue with our sport.


I do hope you will all feel happy to return & to enjoy the sport that we all love.


Good luck & take care.


Rob Pinton